Technology Consultation & Implementation

Dataqubed prides itself on delivering Microsoft SQL Server full stack based solutions. These can be On-prem and Azure. Data engineering solutions are predominantly focused on Azure based cloud technologies. Our diverse range of consultants are extremely qualified with industry leading certifications.

Azure Cloud

  • ​We can either host and manage a cloud based infrastructure for you or we can help you design and build an Azure infrastructure you can manage yourself.
  • We can also help you integrate between the best of both worlds in scenarios where a blend of On-Prem and Azure is optimal.
  • We can put together big data solutions for you. We can help you get on board and get you into the modern space of ever growing technologies like the IoT and StreamInsight.
  • We understand and implement elastic based computing solutions to help you scale up and down as required and thereby managing your costs efficiently.
  • At Dataqubed we're passionate about Azure technology that allow you to build amazing platforms and an understanding of how your data can impact your bottom line.

SQL Server

Dataqubed has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced consultants in the industry with a wide range of enterprise architectural insights derived from several business domains.

Expert skills that our consultants can implement hands-on are as follows:

  • BAU DBA or review of existing practices.
  • T-SQL and stored procedure development.
  • High quality performance tuning saving money on business process run times and unnecessary hardware purchase.
  • Data architecture, engineering and modelling for both entity-relation and star schema for Kimball data warehousing.

Extensive business intelligence experience with;

  • SQL Server Analysis Services both Multi-dimensional and Tabular (SSAS).
  • SQL Server Integration Services for ETL routines (SSIS)
  • We also have expertise with Azure Data Factory 2 and Azure Data Lake Gen 2
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

We also have in house experts that assist your existing team with DevOps processes in terms of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Last but not least, our exposure to Power BI services with DAX can facilitate your journey into self service BI, and we can help you enter a whole new transformative journey of data visualization and analytics.