Consultation Process

Just in case you're wondering how all of this may come together for your organisation, we've put together a list of stepping stones for our journey together.

Discuss your requirements

We'll chat about your goals and what your business solution needs to do. We provide 2 options based on the length of work:

The micro-consultancy model:

This is where you can pay as you like or not at all if you feel no value was added

A fixed price model:

This is based on an estimated number of days and resources it would take to deliver your solution as a package.

Cost estimate

Once we have an overview of what you'd like to achieve we can provide you with an estimate if mutual engagement is appropriate.

Let's go for it!

We'll produce a project overview document which will list all agreed deliverables and costs. Once this is agreed we'll take an initial payment of 40%. The project will then be scheduled in.

Research & Discovery

We'll immerse ourselves in your business, and ask plenty of questions. We'll create an inspiration board together so I'm equipped with the knowledge we need to create the right SQL Server based solutions for your business.

Architectural Brainstorming

We'll talk in detail about what elements are required where, and how proposed solutions will work and be integrated across various business processes.


We'll create visuals to illustrate design elements, such as the choice of topology, technology via SQL Server components. We'll collaborate throughout this whole process.


We'll create a POC on as lightweight a DEV environment as possible to act as a shell for the proposed solution and we'll review how it looks and works. We'll continue to build core elements while making sure the solutions are optimised and performs well.

Testing and Deployment

Following this, we will agree a test plan and validate the solution before deployment into production.


We'll run through how to make you self sufficient and give you further tips if we can.

Continued Relationships

We hope that we keep in touch to review how the solution is performing, and continue to grow your capabilities together.